6 Ways Course Merchant Helps You market your Courses


Course Merchant Store

Having a store that is separate from the LMS gives your learning products a home on the web where they can much more easily be found than within the restricted confines of the LMS. A Course Merchant store can be fully SEO-optimised for visibility when people search on keywords related to your course. This drives traffic to your store and leads to much improved sales. Why? Because learners can shop directly from your online store rather than from within the LMS or via emailed LMS login credentials. They add a course to the shopping cart and when they check out, course enrollment is instant.

If you have a website that describes your courses and then invites learners to create an account in the LMS and purchase courses from inside it, it’s actually the opposite of a standard eCommerce flow.

In everyday eCommerce, buyers browse categories and products, add things to their cart, and then check out, creating an account if it’s their first time. That is exactly how Course Merchant works. By presenting users with a familiar and intuitive eCommerce flow, Course Merchant dramatically reduces purchase abandonment and leads to increased sales.


Buy Now Buttons

Buy Now buttons. These are snippets of code that can be pasted anywhere on the web as links or buttons. They take the learner directly to checkout with the product added to the cart. Buy Now buttons are an excellent way to drive sales directly from social media, blogs, articles and newsletters.


Bundled Products

You can create bundled products which enroll learners on two or more courses at a discount, for marketing promotion purposes.


CRM Reporting

Course Merchant offers an optional CRM reporting and sales and learner management layer. It draws sales data from Course Merchant and learner data from the LMS, allowing you to track sales, generate reports, and communicate with your learners for increased customer retention.


Voucher Codes

Voucher/coupon codes allow discounting and special offers to be set to expire on a given date for seasonal offers. They can be single use, multi-use or unlimited use. Coupon codes can be appended to Buy Now buttons for instant discounting at the checkout.


Course Index

CourseIndex is a dedicated course marketing site that is rapidly growing into a premium place on the web to market your courses. It features news content about education, eLearning and training around the world. Any learning provider can add their courses to its course search engine, place ads, and have professionally-written content about their course placed on the site, with backlinks to your site, and distributed via CourseIndex’s social media channels.

CourseIndex can also enter into a revenue partnership with learning providers which takes away most of the effort of creating courses and marketing them. We build the course based on learning content you provide, load it into our in-house LMS, market it and provide instant eCommerce! Find out more at CourseIndex .

If you are doing your own marketing, read our useful guide on How to Market a Course.

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