What is CourseCRM?

CourseCRM is the name of a set of integration modules designed to connect a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle or Totara, to a CRM such as SugarCRM, SuiteCRM or Salesforce. We can host a SuiteCRM instance for you if required.

The CourseCRM modules enable a flow of data from the LMS straight into your chosen CRM system.

Pass LMS Activity Data to the CRM

Moodle or Totara learner data fields, such as all profile fields, gradebook data, quiz scores, certificate data and more can all be automatically passed into the CRM.

Additionally, the CRM is able to automatically 'see' all Moodle or Totara Courses and Course Categories in real-time and allow instant browsing of course attendance data.

A simple example within the CRM might be:

  • click the 'Health' category
  • click the 'Health & Safety 101' course
  • instantly view all learners within the course
  • instantly view last login data, recent grades, etc
  • filter the table on all learners who have scored less than 50% on Assessment 1
  • filter the resulting data for all learners who have not logged in for two weeks
  • send a bulk template email suggesting some form of remedial work or other action is required
  • optionally, build a scheduled report that repeats the above every Friday and emails the results to a named administrator

Track All Learner Interactions

Any interactions with a student may be tracked and recorded. For example, any CRM emails sent will be appended to a learner's contact record in the CRM. Additionally, add Notes, Documents, Call Records, Meeting Records and more to a learner's contact record.

The strength of the CRM over Moodle or Totara normal admin or instructor access is the ability to see all data across all courses with any number of CRM administrator accounts working at varying levels of access permissions. It provides a far more holistic overview of LMS data in one convenient location, without having to give staff access to the actual LMS itself or to any of the courses.

Custom Reporting

Once Moodle or Totara data is in the CRM, it may be analysed and reported upon using powerful tabular and graphical-based report building tools. Data may be viewed, filtered, queried, sorted and exported in an almost unlimited number of ways. Standard and custom reports are available.


Learner Communications

The CRM makes it easy to maintain and record all your learner interactions. Campaign-based bulk emailing tools, newsletter subscribe & unsubscribe capabilities, customisable email templates, click-thru and open reporting on emails are all available. A full audit trail of learner interactions is maintained.


Documents may be uploaded and stored on a learner's contact record, or viewed from a central storage area. This would allow you to upload required pre-requisite certificates or other learner identification data into one location and allow authorised personnel to review it.

The CRM stores historic learner data even when students are deleted from the LMS or unenrolled from courses. Once the CRM detects that a learner has been removed or unenrolled on the LMS side, it automatically updates the local CRM record to 'Historic'. This would allow you to determine whether to view Current, Historic or All data when running reports.

Would you like to know more?

We develop our own CourseCRM integration modules and can tailor a solution appropriate to your needs.