What can I do with CourseCRM?

Automatically create Contacts and Accounts in the CRM from the LMS.

Custom 'Learner' modules in the CRM store learner activity data.

Query learner activity data from within the CRM and send individual or batch communications.

Learner access data is automatically sent to the CRM. Email all non-attenders, for example.

LMS grade data is automatically sent to the CRM. Easily identify failing students, for example.

LMS certificate data is automatically available in the CRM. Manage storage, archival and certificate renewals.

Connect web-based lead forms. Reconcile prospects (leads) with registered learners (contacts).

Connect ecommerce. Analyse which sale a learner originated from and their activity to date.

Highly extensible. All manner of custom builds, integrations and reports possible.

Build custom reports - report on any data within the CRM that has been extracted from LMS.

Build custom workflows - automate key tasks.

Maintain Calendars, Meetings, Calls, Tasks and Notes and other normal CRM capabilities.


Course CRM

Track sales activities
Import LMS Data
Connect With Students
Analyse Your Data
Create productive automated workflows
Extend the CRM and LMS solution

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