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The days of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies attempting to outwit search engines with clever tricks and sleight-of-hand are over. Effective website marketing starts with clear goals, appropriate strategies and a professional and diligent approach. This is what we do.

CourseIndex.com access - rapidly growing course marketing system.

Digital marketing consulting, training and services.

Affiliate program set-up. Promote your brand via your own partner networks.

Content acquisition, writing and publishing services.

Website refresh / redesign services with focus on responsive design.

Training and support services to empower you to be self sufficient.

Why Choose Us?

Course Merchant Digital Marketing

We Speak Your Language!

Our background is in teaching, training and education. Our staff have worked in schools, colleges and in private sector training companies. We have worked with elearning since 1998 and count multinational companies, government agencies, world renowned universities and many small and medium sized companies amongst our clients.

We Built It!

Our own software engineers develop our own software - Course Merchant. Already in use by over 250 clients, Course Merchant is entirely designed to meet the needs of those in training and education. On top of that, we have built CourseIndex - a rapidly growing course marketing system, and CourseCRM - a custom SugarCRM implementation for the education and training sector.

This is at the heart of what we do!

We have extensive experience of building and operating systems to support elearning, and have built up in-depth knowledge and skills in this area. We will remain 100% focused on providing more and better tools with the sole aim of assisting those in education and training further develop their ebusiness solutions.

You need specialist tools for a specialist job, and we can supply the right software, the right services and the right ideas.

To get direct access to our experts!

We are acknowledged experts in the provision of web technology and digital marketing services to the education and training sector. In fact, a number of mainstream web design agencies outsource to us when they're looking for the specialist tools that we can provide.

Our ecommerce software is now resold by a growing number of elearning suppliers around the world, and this allows us to further develop our skills and experiences in this niche area.

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