Course Authoring Software and Elearning Content Production

Every customer is different. You may have existing legacy content (Microsoft Word, PPT) that you wish to quickly and easily convert to an online format. Maybe you have a new project and you want full-scale Instructional Design services complete with story-boarding and Project Management? Or perhaps you are new to elearning and want some consulting to help you navigate the world of the LMS, such as SCORM, LTI, IMS and all the other industry jargon!

Well, we at Course Merchant can help! We have decades of experience developing, deploying, selling and managing online courses. We can work with you at almost any level - from introducing the Softchalk elearning authoring software, to our Professional Services consulting on Instructional Design and the development of your elearning, to ecommerce enablement of the LMS to allow you to sell your courses.

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