Softchalk Cloud - Elearning Authoring Software

Course Merchant are pleased to announce they are now authorized resellers of the award winning Softchalk Cloud elearning authoring software!

"The fastest, easiest, most flexible way to develop high quality, interactive, engaging online courses!"

Any LMS, or No LMS!

Softchalk content will work with any LMS. Export as HTML, SCORM, LTI or just plain hyperlinks. If your LMS doesn't play with Softchalk - you shouldn't be using your LMS!

Softchalk content will work with no LMS. Store your content in our free repository and Score Center (up to 2GB of free space) and invite people to access it. Set your authentication choices, track access and centrally record score data.

LMS Integrations Galore!

Quite apart from LMS standards-based content export formats such as SCORM and LTI, Soft Chalk also has dedicated integrations built for all the main LMS systems in use in K12, Schools, Further Education, Community Colleges, Higher Education Institutions, Universities and many corporate training contexts.

Highly Interactive - over 30 different activity templates and quiz question types!

Use Softchalk's many different quiz question types and activities to allow your learners to self-test using formative interactions during their learning journey. Collate individual quiz questions into a single quiz grouping to deliver in a more summative Test / Assessment / Quiz format. Quiz questions in all the standard formats and more - such as True/False, Multichoice, Essay, Short Answer, Fill in the Blanks, etc. Activities include Jigsaw, Hotspot, Crossword, Drag and Drop, and lots more.

Highly Accessible = Highly Responsive - WCAG 2.0 Level AA

SoftChalk is designed and developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) Guidelines 2.0 Level AA as well as the Section 508 standards in the United States.

Being accessible is crucial, and organisations publishing inaccessible content are taking an ever-greater risk of facing legal challenges from groups impacted by inaccessible content. Meet and surpass your accessibility responsibilities with Softchalk elearning authoring.

If content is accessible, it's highly likely that it is also highly responsive, and that's certainly the case with Softchalk authored materials. Rest assured that your materials will render correctly on any device that your learners may be using. From small screen cell phones / mobile phones, to tablets, to laptops and large monitors - your Softchalk content will render correctly and appropriately.

Share and Share Alike!

Softchalk Cloud comes with its own optional Open Education Resource (OER) Repository. Search for content from the near 15,000 hosted lessons. Copy the content into your own storage area. Leave the content as is or choose to edit it to create your own version. Share complete lessons or just learning objects, such as interactivities, test questions or complete quizzes. Of course, use of the OER is entirely optional - leave your own content private and unshared by default if you prefer.

Super Easy Authoring!

Copy and paste Microsoft Word documents straight into the Softchalk authoring application – you’ll be amazed at the speed and quality of the automated conversion!

Or, start work on a brand-new document straight into the Softchalk Authoring window – you’ll be delighted at how fast it is to work with and how quickly you can generate attractive, accessible, highly navigable pages complete with quizzes and interactivities.

Deploy to the web instantly!

With a ‘Save to Cloud’ feature built-in to the authoring platform, you really can deploy your content to the world wide web in seconds. Simply save your materials directly to the cloud, pick up the link, or the LTI, or even the Youtube-like embed code; paste it into your LMS, and hey presto! Your content is online! Don’t have an LMS? No problem! Serve the pages straight from your cloud account, set the authentication method, and your learners have instant access.

Sell your courses!

Interested in adding pay-to-access to your elearning courses? Ask us for a demo of how we have placed an ecommerce catalog across the top of the Softchalk LTI content in your LMS. Instant access to your content! Multiple customers or courses using the same content? Not a problem! By storing the actual lessons or learning objects in the Softchalk Cloud and using LTI for content delivery, you can update your content once and it will be automatically updated for all customers - even those that have paid for access in the past.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation webinar. As well as Softchalk elearning authoring, we can assist with other key elearning requirements, from LMS, to ecommerce, to marketing courses and managing learner data via CRM.